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Learn driving and racing from a highly sought-after driver development coach. Chris Cook has years of experience in both the NASCAR Monster Cup & NASCAR Xfinity Series. He’s coached some of the best names in the business- elite NASCAR drivers like Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, Clint Bowyer, David Reutimann, Paul Menard, and more). His skills and experience make Chris well recognized as a top racer and driving coach. Chris even offers special coaching programs for exotic car owners and enthusiasts and he’d love to work with you. Get in touch today take the next step.

Before you can drive like the best, you have to learn from the best. At Chris Cook Performance, excellence in driving starts with superior coaching that stems from practical experience and proven success on the track.

Chris Cook Performance Trans Am TA2 Academy

Officially recognized by Trans Am

Please call for customizable programs. The Chris Cook Performance TA2 Academy is conveniently located in Chandler, AZ at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park at a private track/facility. Fully mobile CCP Trans Am TA2 Academy. We will travel to tracks around the country upon request and will offer specific track dates based on availability. Examples include: Sonoma Raceway, Portland International Raceway, COTA etc. Trans Am TA2 racing options for the West Coast Series and National Series. Officially recognized by Trans Am.

The Chris Cook Performance Experience: A Driving School for All Levels with A Focus on Excellence

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the best way to make your car really perform, or a professional looking to sharpen your skills, Chris Cook can help. Chris Cook Performance is a one-stop shop for tactical driving, that offers small group training sessions or one-on-one professional coaching.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than racing around legendary tracks, whether you’re doing it for fun or a world-class title. That said, before you can rev up the engine and hit the gas, it’s important to attend training that makes every detail of the experience and process a priority.

Chris Cook Performance is more than your average racing school. It’s a high-performance driving school and training center that offers world-class experiences at every turn.

At Chris Cook Performance, all drivers are welcome to train and learn. While starting proficiency levels will undoubtedly vary, one thing will always be constant: You get world-class driver coaching every step of the way.

Learn About Our Tactical Driving Programs

What People Are Saying:

“Since 1989, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Chris Cook. At that time in my life I had already established myself as one of the countries better racers, but it was working alongside and observing Chris, that my racing and teaching rose to an entirely higher level. In my mind, he is the most talented teacher of high performance driving in the USA…. with probably the best car control I’ve witnessed…. this including past teammates of mine that had raced in Formula one and Indy cars. My faith and trust in him so solid, that I encouraged my son to work with and learn from him . In doing so I immediately witnessed a drastic improvement in both his speed and car control on the race track. All that said, I would endorse Chris, above virtually any other organization in the United States. And do so with confidence.”

Johnny O’Connell
4 time Winner 24 hours of Le Mans
8 time Winner 8 hours of Sebring.
4 Time ALMS Champion
4 Time World Challenge Champion
Member Sebring and Corvette Halls of Fame.

1 on 1 and Small Group Classes
Perfect For Car Enthusiasts and Exotic Car Owners

Redevelop Your Enthusiast Driving Experience

For many who have an unwavering passion for high-performance or exotic cars, owning a vehicle of this type is more than just a purchase—it’s a lifestyle. The next step beyond ownership is learning how to drive exotic cars the same way NASCAR professionals hit the track. That’s where Chris Cook Performance comes into the picture.

Getting behind the wheel of an exotic car is entirely different than taking a traditional vehicle out for a spin. Signing up for the Enthusiast Driver Development program with Chris Cook Performance is a hands-on chance to learn the intricate details of making the most of an exotic car’s performance on the road.

These training sessions are limited to three cars to ensure a quality one-on-one training experience with every driver. Through the Enthusiast Driver Development course, drivers will learn how to better handle their exotic cars at enhanced speeds and recognize personal driving limits at the same time.

While some Enthusiast Driver Development program participants are prepping for an upcoming event, others simply want to hone their skills behind the wheel. Either way, you’ll be learning the critical high-performance techniques that make driving a more efficient and satisfying experience. That happens whether you’re in control of your own exotic car or handling one of ours.

At Chris Cook Performance, our services also go beyond lessons and extend to storage. When you’re looking for a place to safely stow your exotic car while it’s not in use, our CCP shop may be just the right place.

Advanced Tactical Driving Programs

For many professionals, on- and off-road mobility training is key to successfully carrying out their work. That’s why Chris Cook Performance is proud to offer advanced tactical driving courses. These instructional experiences cover all kinds of techniques specific to military driving training.

These courses are part of a private program we offer for the military and private sector professionals that cater to customized needs. They’re part of our turnkey solutions that integrate critical lessons that assist with mission success and the safety of U.S. personnel.

Those who participate in these advanced tactical driving courses will find that the focus is on all levels of car control. A variety of vehicles are used throughout training to ensure participants are equipped with the knowledge and flexibility to drive their way through just as many challenging scenarios.

Military and tactical teams benefit from this type of training when honing their skills behind the wheel. Moving between cars and trucks that require versatile skill sets to handle helps drivers feel confident at all times, even within an ultra-challenging environment.

We teach techniques using efficient, effective, and engaging conditions that allow for practice at the required levels of proficiency. Performance through these courses is graded against safe, measurable, and proven standards.

We’ve designed our courses to utilize speed, power, and repetition and create an environment in which participants move away from driving under stress and proceed to manage stress while behind the wheel. With time, drivers will learn how to make hyper-focused micro-decisions quickly to maximize their vehicle’s performance and ensure every mission is safely and successfully accomplished.

Our program participants will walk away with new techniques related to a range of vehicles. They’ll also have gained skills related to enhanced concentration and confidence within the realm of emotional control.

Our Professional Driver Development Services

At Chris Cook Performance, we’re in the business of coaching professional drivers that come to us from all experience levels. From the fundamentals of stock car racing to advanced racing techniques NASCAR drivers lean on, we will cover everything you need to know to be successful behind the wheel.

Our coaching methods can be specially customized towards road racing in NASCAR, sports cars, or general high-performance driving within our Professional Driver Development series. Participants in this type of training program will not only hone their road racing skills but enhance their ability to maintain control at high speeds.

Have something more specific in mind you’d like to learn? We happily accept requests for instruction that takes your driving to the next level of excellence.

Choosing Chris Cook Performance

Partnering with our experts at Chris Cook Performance will give you a chance to diversify your driving skill set while training in various world-class level settings. Learning high-level road racing techniques and car control takes time, attention, and focus. That’s why Chris Cook Performance provides learners with options to enjoy private or small group training upon request.

Our ability to customize every program we host makes learning a flexible and practical experience from start to finish. When you’re looking for a complete experience that includes driver coaching, a private shop, on-site cars, and exclusive track access, you’re guaranteed to find it all here.

Choosing Chris Cook Performance

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enhance your driving. For more information about Chris Cook’s high-performance driving school, simply reach out today.

We’re readily available to answer your questions by phone when you call us at 602-363-9529. You can also email us directly at to sign up for training, coaching, and a driving experience you won’t soon forget. We can’t wait to see you on the track soon!